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Plant for the production of metalworks


Metalworks plant offers a wide range of metalworks. Our products are successfully used for the construction of various engineering structures, as well as for industrial and residential premises. There are many large construction companies among our customers. Building companies from all over Russia want to work with us and many building companies already successfully cooperate with us.

Our plant has been operating for several years, therefore the range of manufactured products can satisfy the needs of most customers. We can easily manage the orders for the products that are not in the standard range due to modern equipment and highly qualified staff.


Quality work is the key to success

  • Our customers are always satisfied with the results of cooperation. Working with us allows the customers to get a number of benefits:
  • We are confident that we can manufacture metalworks of any complexity;
  • We manufacture metalworks from high quality raw materials delivered by the best suppliers;
  • Our engineers are always ready to help you find the best way out of difficult and challenging situation;
  • The plant workers have responses attitude to the production process, that is why we are able to manufacture high quality products;
  • Metalworks factory employs a whole team of specialists, who are responsible for quality control of products. Our specialists are also responsible for finding solutions leading to products improvement;
  • Our process engineers are always working on improvement of production processes, making efforts to reduce the cost of the finished product and improve its quality;
  • We fulfill our responsibilities regarding production and installation of steelworks on time;
  • Our plant has mobile teams of specialists. They are ready to carry out repair or installation of various metalworks directly at your site. Use of materials provided by the customer can be an option.